Empowering tomorrow’s nurses is the economic force of Compassionate Care

Ms. Sangeetha Murugan, Bengaluru

Imagine a hospital without nurses.

It is a daunting thought that sends shivers down one’s spine, as it reveals a nurses’ profound impact on our lives from the moment we are born to the final moments of our journey. In the quiet moments of reflection, a nurse will truly realise the truth encapsulated in the words, ‘When you are a nurse, you know that every day you will touch a life, or a life will touch yours’ This sentiment speaks volumes, underscoring the interconnectedness of humanity and the indispensable role nurses play in shaping our collective well-being.

As a nurse tutor in a hospice, I have walked through the corridors of care, and witnessed many a times a nurse’s significant and positive impact on patients and their caregivers. Nursing care is not just about administering medications or changing dressings; it is about lending a compassionate ear, holding a trembling hand, and being a beacon of hope in the darkest times.

At our hospice, we have embraced the ethos of nurturing the next generation of nurses. Through tireless efforts and solid commitment, we have made quality nursing education accessible to all, regardless of one’s socioeconomic status. Our affiliation with Skill India has been a game-changer, opening doors for countless individuals to pursue their dreams in nursing.

Our journey however does not end with education; it is about empowering the individuals, shaping the future of nursing, and instilling knowledge along with a deep sense of compassion, integrity and professionalism. It is about inspiring the aspiring nurses through the intricacies of patient care and ethical practice.

The theme for this year’s International Nurses Day, ‘Our Nurses, Our Future – The Economic Power of Care’ serves as more than a mere celebration; it acts as a clarion call to acknowledge the great economic significance of nursing care. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) highlights that budgets reduce nursing services whenever there is a financial crisis, thereby impacting the quality of care. However, investing in nursing education and support has a ripple effect, as Nurses are the backbone to provide quality care. Nurses who feel valued and supported are more likely to stay in their roles, reduce turnover rates and ensure continuity of care for their patients. It is therefore a moral imperative and a wise investment for the future of healthcare.

So, as we celebrate International Nurses Day, let’s pause to reflect on the invaluable contributions of nurses worldwide. Let’s honour their dedication, relentless spirit, and compassionate hearts. Let’s also commit ourselves to advocating for our professional rights and recognition, ensuring that we nurses can continue to touch lives and make a difference for the future generations.

Happy Nurses Day!

About the Author:

Ms Sangeetha Murugan is a Nursing Tutor at the Karunashraya Institute for Palliative Care Education and Research, affiliated with the Bangalore Hospice Trust, Karunashraya. She is also an ELNEC trainer in India, and a member of the Quality and Clinical Advisory Board at PALCARE, Mumbai.

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