All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Batch of 2016 – 2019

Dr Nandan Choudhary

Dr Puneet Rathore

Batch of 2017 – 2020

Dr Astha Koolwal

Dr Ajisha P A

Dr. Manisha

Dr Preeti

Dr Vikram Pratap Singh

Batch of 2018 – 2021

Dr Bhanu Pratap

Dr Neethu Susan

Dr Neha Singh

Dr Rabiya Abdu Razak Malayil

Batch of 2019 – 2022

Dr Bikash Anand

Dr Bhawesh Pangaria

Dr Krishnapriya V

Dr Sanjeev Kumar

Batch of 2020 – Ongoing

Dr Ajit Raj Verma

Dr Alice Thankachan

Dr Anurag Sarkar

Dr Nengneivah Haokip

Dr Pratyasa Padhi

Dr Himanshu Varshney

Batch of 2021 – Ongoing

Dr Abhinav Mishra

Dr Arkanil Gain

Dr Bishnu Prasad Shrestha

Dr Karanvir Singh

Dr Mangaleswari V

Dr Prateek Gandhi

Dr Revathy

Dr Sarvadarshi Saraswata

Dr Shunmuga
Priya I C

Dr Suhana Sulfiker

Batch of 2022 – Ongoing

Dr Devina Juneja

Dr Khushboo Mandal

Dr Pooja Sajeev

Dr Vishnu Charan Thiriveedhi

‘I feel extremely happy when I am able to make my patients’ understand about their disease and give them realistic hopes’, shares a 21 year old 1st year MD in PM resident from the Department of Onco-Anesthesia and Palliative Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi.

AIIMS has been offering MD in Palliative Medicine since 2016.

Dr Puneet Rathore and Dr Nandan Chaudhary were the first batch of MD in PM residents at AIIMS, New Delhi.

Every single Junior Resident and Senior Resident (both past and present) at AIIMS, New Delhi, are extremely sincere, obedient and honest towards their work. They are empathetic as well as compassionate, and strongly believe that humanity is a wonder drug.

The Department of Onco-Anesthesia and Palliative Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi, is proud of each one of their current and previous residents, who are now working across the country and beyond, such as in Nepal. The Department is also certain that each one of their gems will be a big asset to any of the institutions that they are associated with.

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