IAPC’s Certificate Course in the Physiotherapy – Palliative Care interface

The IAPC recognises the important role of physiotherapists in provisioning quality palliative care. As a commitment and an acknowledgement to the role of a physiotherapist in a multidisciplinary team, the IAPC launched an online course, the ‘IAPC’s Certificate Course in the Physiotherapy – Palliative Care interface’ to sensitize and empower professionals on how physiotherapy can complement the provisioning of quality palliative care.

The course aims to not only enhance a physiotherapists’ understanding of how they can contribute towards the rendering of holistic palliative care, but strives to also educate the palliative care community on how physiotherapy can augment their patient care and symptom management.

The online course was launched in September, 2020, with the first batch being delivered in October, 2020.

The online course will be offered twice a year and will be delivered by expert faculty from AIIMS, New Delhi, and the Cancer Institute, Chennai.

Course Objective

  • To sensitize physiotherapists on the palliative care needs of patients, and to thereafter empower them to ensure that palliative care patients have access to physiotherapy
  • To sensitize palliative care professionals about the benefits of integrating physiotherapy in their routine practice, so that every patient benefits from functional improvement and rehabilitation

Eligibility Criteria

  • Physiotherapists (BPT and MPT)
  • Doctors practicing Palliative Medicine (MBBS / BDS)
  • Nurses practicing Palliative Care (BSc Nursing, Diploma in Nursing, or GNM)

Course Date and Time

  • Full-day course on Saturday, 15th June, 2024
  • Full-day sessions between 8:45 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Course Fee

  • Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees one thousand)
  • The course fee will include the training fee and an e-certificate upon successful completion of the course
  • Course fee to be transferred online or deposited into the IAPC Bank Account (Details of the IAPC’s Bank Account is available in the Application form)
  • Cheque / DD will not be accepted

Course Registration

  • The completed Application form, a copy of the receipt of the course fee paid, and a copy of your Degree / Diploma certificate to be emailed to admissionsiapc02@gmail.com
  • The last date to apply for the course is Friday, 7th June, 2024

Important Guidelines

  • All candidates must participate in a pre test and a post test evaluation
  • Attendance is mandatory (with video) for the entire course duration. Those who fail to switch on their camera’s will be marked absent
  • Candidates with only 100% attendance will be eligible to receive e-certificates of course completion
  • Please note that recordings from the sessions will not be shared due to copyright issues. Please ensure that you attend the live sessions.
  • Please ensure that arrangements are made for uninterrupted and good internet connectivity. Candidates unable to attend sessions due to connectivity issues will be considered as absent.
  • Sessions will be interactive. Candidates must therefore dedicate time exclusively to attend the sessions. Please note that candidates ARE NOT allowed to participate in the sessions while they are on duty.
  • Candidates are requested to attend the sessions using their laptops. Please avoid attending the sessions using phones or tablets, as it will cause distraction.
  • Candidates are requested to login 10 minutes before the start of the session.

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Course Brochure: