IAPC’s National Faculty

The Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) is privileged to have the support of a rich pool of Faculty who have partnered with us towards furthering the development of palliative care in the country.

This dedicated and committed group of Faculty, generously donate their time and expertise towards enriching the knowledge of the palliative care fraternity through the various academic activities of the IAPC.

The various roles and responsibilities discharged by a National Faculty Member of the IAPC includes:

  1. Extending support towards the IAPC’s Academic activities when needed
  2. Evaluating the case reflections and answer sheets of candidates who are undergoing the IAPC’s Certificate Course in Essentials of Palliative Care (CCEPC)
  3. Participating as Faculty in any of the IAPC’s educational courses
  4. Supporting the IAPC’s Academic Board to revise and update the IAPC’s educational materials
  5. Participating in Faculty meetings and training programs
  6. Extending support in any other task assigned by the IAPC’s Academic Board

Those interested in empowering the next generation of India’s palliative care community are invited to download and submit their application towards becoming a National Faculty with the IAPC. Faculty will be selected after a rigourous evaluation process by the IAPC’s Academic Committee. 

Click here to download the application form to become a National Faculty with the IAPC.

The IAPC extends it’s gratitude to all our dear faculty for all their support! We are proud and honoured to have your consistent support, commitment and dedication, as you walk with us in our journey of enriching the knowledge pool of India’s palliative care community.