Hosted by INCTR Canada/Two world’s Cancer Collaboration

On 21st February 2018, a meeting was held in New Delhi to discuss approaches to population community based care in certain north Indian States. It was intended to identify the ways in which the states could move towards a community- based palliative care programme in which the roles of Govt. of India, State governments ,NGO’s, health institution, health professionals, public and private sectors, patients and public are key to the collaboration necessary to implement community based care. Representatives from different states like Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, etc. discussed and clarified roles as:

The Expectations of the host:- To establish individual and collective interest in enhancing population based Palliative care in northern states.

Action and implementation in reality.

Understanding of leadership, collective responsibility and formative actions.

Five most important steps were reported and discussed by the state participants:

  1. Locating and mapping the potentially available PC services.
  2. Funding, stake holders and networking.
  3. Development of Project Implementation Plan (PIP) process.
  4. Reach out to all MHN-trained MD’s and RN’s, understand barrier challenges and awareness.
  5. Focus on teachers and community.

Key conditions determining progress to enhance palliative care:

  • Supportive federal government policy and practice.
  • State government leadership.
  • Health professional leadership.
  • Available funding to develop the resources.

Step wise recommendation to constitute a state PC Council/Steering committee to develop a strategic, operational and funding plan for ‘community’ based PC. It was decided that Punjab and UP would lead state process implementation PC and invite UK and Rajasthan to collaborate.

In fact, Two Worlds /MNJIO can be an educative and supportive utility for state development of community based PC, but its involvement is supportive to state activity, not as a leader or funder of state PC.