Reflections of people working in Palliative Care

As we venture towards the second half of the year with a possible reflection of the months gone by, we bring to you an interesting collection of ‘Reflections of people working in Palliative Care’.

This short collection aims to encapsulate the heart and soul of dedicated individuals, who have embarked on a journey to provide compassionate palliative care to their patients and their families. With each reflection, we strive to present you with a deeper understanding of the value of dignity and the immense impact these compassionate individuals have had on those receiving care from them.

Through this initiative, we wish to not only highlight the pivotal role of the members of a palliative care team, but also serve a reminder that to be able to provision quality palliative care, one needs to transcend and expand the medical realm to also include the realms of emotional, psychological and spiritual care. 

The IAPC thanks each of our Authors for graciously sharing their experiences, thoughts, wisdom and also their vulnerability thorough their stories.

We invite you to read these heartfelt stories which are rich in experiences and full of insights, as they go on to illustrate the multidimensional nature of palliative care.

*Disclaimer: We recognise that the list of the members of a palliative care team is not exhaustive.

(Articles listed in alphabetical order of Author’s Role)

Learnings from my Father’s Cancer Journey

by Ms Debalina Ray, Bengaluru

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That Extra Mile…

by Dr J Daniel Raj, Chennai

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Transformative Journey in Palliative Care: A Nurse’s Story

by Ms Deepali Rajesh Kumar and Ms Maya Nair, Indore

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Pharmacist: A vital link in the delivery of palliative care

by Mr Premal Mehta, Mumbai

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Physiotherapy: A New Perspective on Palliative Care

by Dr Shveta Seth, New Delhi

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Cloudy skies make beautiful sunsets

by Ms Vinutha Suresh, Chennai

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Soaring Strong: The Transformative Power of Palliative Care Social Work

by Ms Manisha Mary Marshal, Bengaluru
Social Worker

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There is an end to cure, There is no end to care!

by Ms Vandana Mahajan

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