Request send to Chief Minister and Health Minister NCT Delhi

to announce a Government Policy on Palliative care

The copy of the application handed over to Shri Arvind Kejriwal, CM, NCT of Delhi on 12th October 2017 has been handed over to Shri Satyendra Jain, Minister for Health, NCT of Delhi today, 11th October 2018.

DNipCare has raised the following 5 points for consideration by the Government of NCT of Delhi and we hope positive action thereon:

  1. announce a Government Policy on Palliative Care in the same lines as it has already been done by the Government of Kerala during 2008.
  2. ensure Palliative Care facility in all the Hospitals run by Government of NCT of Delhi.
  3. instruct the Department of Education to include the Palliative Care discipline in the curriculum of Senior Secondary Schools and other educational institutions.
  4. provide a conducive atmosphere for propagation and implementation of community based Palliative Home, Hospice and Hospital Care for long term, bedridden, terminally ill patients, including Cancer patients and Geriatrics in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.
  5. facilitate continued functioning of Palliative OP Clinic run by DNipCare by providing adequate medicine supply and remuneration to the doctors so that the Clinics can be run on an every day basis.

An appeal to have increased number of hours on Palliative Care in the Nursing Curriculum and a Specialized Nursing Course exclusively on Palliative Care for existing Nursing professionals, submitted to Dr.T.Dileep Kumar,President,Indian Nursing Council on 3.10.18 by Mr. Suresh TP, Secretary, DNipCare, C C Member,IAPC.


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