Individuals and organisations joined hands to help disabled persons

Karuthal’s initiative for rehabilitation and social support

India has a population of more than 121 Crores, out of which 2.68 Crore persons are ‘disabled’ which amounts to 2.21% of the total population. In Kerala, an estimated 8 lakh persons suffer from various disabilities.

Koodaranji, a hamlet situated on the Kozhikode-Wayanad border area of Kerala, realized the growing needs of the disabled in their locality. Like-minded individuals and organisations joined hands to extend a helping hand to them under the banner “Karuthal” for rehabilitation and social support. Cloth bag making, umbrella making and eco-friendly pen making were the main attractions. All the participants were given gifts sponsored by the community.

St. Sebastian’s Higher Secondary School, Koodaranji, Kozhikode, witnessed a function on 4th February 2020 with a difference.

A visual treat of the programme.

The programme benefitted 30 disabled persons in and around Kozhikode district.  Kudos to Jose Pulimoottil and the team who voiced for the voiceless and the less-privileged.

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