How Team Karunashraya Provides Service Amidst Restrictions

Ms Babita Varkey, Senior Medical officer, Bangalore Hospice Trust – Karunashraya writes about the guidelines they follow.

India and the whole world are currently under the grip of a terrible pandemic which has taken more than 50,000 lives and affected almost a million people worldwide. As such a lot of restrictions have been imposed to curb the spread of this Pandemic in our country. We at Karunashraya respect these restrictions and also consider it our duty to take the best care of our patients whilst also making sure that they are safe from the COVID 19 infection.

Karunashraya hospice has kept its doors open for our patients, but with certain restrictions. Since all our patients are in an immune-compromised state and also have other co-morbidities along with cancer they are more susceptible to the Ncovid infection, and this may also prove fatal for them. So in order to protect them we have imposed certain limitations on our routine admission procedure.

Currently we are taking only those patients who are having a medical emergency like severe pain, vomiting, bleeding, abdominal distention, seizures, breathlessness etc. We have requested all patients, caregivers, and staff with respiratory flu like symptoms to get checked out in a fever clinic/hospital and to self quarantine for 14 days. A strict screening process has been initiated at the entry for caregivers and visitors. Entry of visitors has been constrained to one per patient with limited time for visitation. Letters have been issued to all caregivers who have to come from far and may face restrictions from police.

Home Care

We have temporarily suspended our home care visits keeping in mind the safety of both our patients and our staff, and also due to the travel restrictions placed by the government. We will restart our home care once it is safe and the restrictions are lifted.

Managing Emergency Situation

In the meanwhile patients are followed up by phone and can come in for OPD consultations/admissions in case of an emergency.


We are still dispensing medicines from the hospice directly, for our patients especially those on Morphine/Fentanyl or Buprenorphine and dressing materials are also distributed from the hospice for our patients who cannot afford to buy them. They have been requested to send an attender to come and collect as per requirement.

Stay home; Stay safe with Support Assured

We have requested all our patient, caregivers to stay at home and to keep safe as long as they can. We support them in case of any emergency and services of Karunashraya will continue albeit with certain limitations. Stay home stay safe.

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