IAPC Academy Lecture Series Video List

Series 6: Fundamental concepts & advances in symptom control in PC, PC in special cases, and common team & management issues

1. Dr. Shunmuga Priya I. C. & Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar [Topic: POCUS in Palliative Care]

2. Dr. Pratibha Jha & Dr. Mithilesh Kumar [Topic: Cancer Pain Syndromes]

3. Dr. Rabiya Razak & Dr. Seema Mishra [Topic: Opioid induced Hyperalgesia]

4. Dr. Kashish Vats & Dr. Sachin Gunde [Topic: Opioids and the immune system: Friend or foe?]

5. Dr. Arjun Pillai & Dr. Gayatri Palat [Topic: Cancer induced venous thrombosis]

6. Dr. Varun Yadav & Dr. Ravi Umrania [Topic: Common metabolic disorders in palliative care and their management]

7. Dr. Anshita Sharma & Dr. Shreya Nair [Topic: Palliative sedation versus euthanasia: an ethical assessment]

8. Dr. Amelia Michael & Dr. Raghavendra Ramanjulu [Topic: Inotropic therapy and non-invasive ventilation in palliative care: An ethical dilemma?]

9. Dr. Gayatri S & Dr. Krithika Rao [Topic: Prognostic Tools in Patients with Advanced Cancer]

Series 5: Training in Palliative Care Research

1. Dr. Naveen Salins [Topic: Introduction to conducting a Systematic Review]

2. Dr. Hari Sagiraju [Topic: Problem Identification and Concept Development]

3. Dr. Jayita Deodhar [Topic: Developing a Research Question]

4. Dr. Arun Ghoshal [Topic: How to write a Research Protocol]

5. Dr. Fiona Rawlinson [Topic: Research Design – Quantitative and Qualitative and Mixed]

6. Dr. Mahadev Rao [Topic: Genomic Research in Palliative Medicine]

7. Dr. Jenifer Jeba S. [Topic: Manuscript Writing]

8. Ms. Vasumathi Sriganesh [Topic: Use of Reference Managers]

9. Dr. Shirley Salins [Topic: Quality improvement in Health Care]

Series 4: Palliative Care Drugs

Series 3

Series 2

Series 1

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