IAPC’s Special Feature on Paediatric Palliative Care

1. A current update on Children’s Palliative Care in India

     Dr. Mary Ann Muckaden, Mumbai

2. We cannot change the outcome, but we can affect the journey!

     Dr. Krithika S. Rao (Shinde), Manipal

3. Improving access to children living with life limiting conditions;
    Hyderabad experience

     Dr. Gayatri Palat, Dr. Spandana Rayala, Dr. Mohammed Ishak Tayoob, Hyderabad

4. How Palliative Care services can help a paediatric patient and their family:
    Experiences from an RCC

     Dr. Prabha Seshachar, Bengaluru

5. Children’s Palliative Care Projects in Maharashtra and Goa

     Dr. Pradnya Talawadekar, Mumbai

6. SUBHITA’, The Cankids Pediatric Palliative Care Center’s Experience

     Ms. Poonam Bagai, New Delhi

7. Broken Crayons colour just as well!

     Ms. Lavanya Krishnakumar, Chennai

8. Caring for a paediatric patient: A paediatric palliative care nurse’s perspective

     Ms. Anusha Cheekati, Hyderabad

9. Communicating with a child who is terminally ill

     Dr. Soumitra Shankar Datta and Ms. Shreshta Chattopadhyay, Kolkata

10. A Goodbye that eventually wipes the tears

       Mr. K. V. Ganpathy, Mumbai

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