The 30th Annual International Conference of the Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPCON 2023) will be a physical conference at Bengaluru, organised by Karunashraya.

The conference is slated to be conducted over two and half days (Friday, 10th, February 2023, to Sunday, 12th February 2023), with pre-conference workshops scheduled for Thursday, 9th February, 2023.

‘Metamorphosis: The emergence of Subspeciality Palliative Medicine’, will be the theme of IAPCON 2023.

Dr Nagesh Simha, the Organising Chairman of IAPCON 2023, and Dr Seema Rao, the Organizing Secretary of IAPCON 2023, share, “The theme this year is unique, and so are the scientific sessions. The immense need for palliative care in non-cancer conditions and the enthusiasm shown by the various subspecialities has the potential to transform the scope of palliative care. This has germed the theme of the conference.”

Dr Naveen Salins, the Scientific Chairperson of IAPCON 2023, shares that “The scientific program of IAPCON 2023 will be slightly different from the previous conferences. We want IAPCON 2023, to provide a strong foundation for what the future of palliative care should be. We hope that this conference would lead to some degree of a metamorphosis for Palliative Medicine in India and the growing subspeciality of Palliative Medicine in India. IAPCON 2023 would have 9 tracks in total (6 major tracks and 3 minor tracks) with each of the major tracks focusing on the 6 sub specialties. Therefore, there will be 9 sub scientific committees”.

Palliative medicine in neurology, pulmonology, nephrology, cardiology, oncology, and intensive care will be single standalone sessions traversing the entire day, integrating the medical, nursing, psychosocial and other aspects. Minor tracks will cover several novel intersection topics on advancements in medicine and its relevance to palliative medicine.

The organising team of IAPCON 2023, invites researchers to submit their abstracts for presentation of their work to the global palliative care fraternity.

Dr Seema Rao, the Organizing Secretary of IAPCON 2023, shares, “Abstract submissions for IAPCON 2023 is now open. Entries are invited in either the oral or the poster presentation category. Abstracts must be submitted from one of the below broad themes / categories along with a clear indication of the sub category that defines the content of your scientific contribution”.

The Broad Themes / Categories:

  • TRACK 1: Neurology Palliative Medicine
  • TRACK 2: Renal Palliative Medicine
  • TRACK 3: Oncology Palliative Medicine
  • TRACK 4: Respiratory Palliative Medicine
  • TRACK 5: Intensive Care Palliative Medicine
  • TRACK 6: Cardiovascular Palliative Medicine
  • TRACK 7: Theory of Change and Development of Subspecialist Palliative Medicine
  • TRACK 8: Best Care of the Dying Person: International Perspectives
  • TRACK 9: Palliative Care Education

Sub Categories to be indicated under the Broad Categories: 

  • Communication
  • Ageing and Geriatrics
  • Bereavement, Grief and Loss
  • Care Delivery / System Development
  • Clinical Ethics
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Education, Training and Supervision
  • Family Caregivers
  • Paediatric Palliative Care
  • Pain and Pain Management
  • Symptom Management other than Pain
  • Palliative Care in Non-cancer diseases
  • Policy or Programme Advocacy, Development and Evaluation
  • Psycho-Social Issue
  • Quality of Palliative Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Selfcare and Wellness
  • Spirituality
  • Volunteers

Please click here to submit your abstract and to read relevant guidelines for submitting your abstract.

This year, the IAPC has announced a travel grant of Rs 10,000 each to 10 of the best abstracts submitted at the IAPCON 2023. The scholarship will be open to IAPC members. 

The Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network in collaboration with Lien Collaborative for Palliative Care is also offering 30 Bursaries to cover the registration fee for IAPCON 2023. IAPC Members who are part of the Cancer Treatment Centers Program are eligible to apply for the bursary. Those who have submitted abstracts for IAPCON 2023 will be given preference. Please click here (https://forms.gle/z1eTvdcXMBughzys8) to apply for this bursary.

The conference also presents a great opportunity for young researchers! 

All abstracts successfully selected and presented at IAPCON 2023, will be published in the upcoming April-June 2023 issue of the IAPC’s Indian Journal of Palliative Care (IJPC).

To encourage and promote young researchers from India in Palliative Medicine, the BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care has also proposed that the research receiving the first prize in oral presentation at the IAPCON 2023, will be published in their very prestigious journal keeping with the terms and conditions of the journal. The first such publication was by Dr Amanpreet Kaur who won the Best Oral Presentation in the IAPCON 2021. Please click here to read this publication and click here to read the blog post.

The organizing team invites you to register for this unique intellectual fest at the earliest.

Please visit the conference website for further details and to register for the conference.

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