Kasturba Medical College and Hospital, Manipal

Batch of 2022 – Ongoing

The MD Palliative Medicine program at Kasturba Medical College and Hospital (KMCH), Manipal, began from year 2021-2022.

Dr Aswathi Praveen and Dr Gayatri S will be the first batch of MDs in Palliative Medicine from KMCH, Manipal.

Dr Aswathi Praveen

Dr Aswathi Praveen is a sincere, hardworking and a down-to-earth person.

Her motivation in pursuing an MD in Palliative Medicine, “Watching my father (a doctor) treat people was something that always fascinated me, all through my childhood years. It was during my internship, while working closely with the oncology department, was when I realized that alleviating pain was the most important thing that needed to be done while treating a terminally ill patient. The love and prayers that we received when a patient’s pain was managed felt surreal to me. Fortunately, I got into KMCH, which will allow me to not only follow my passion but also excel in this field, under the guidance of Dr Naveen Salins”.

Dr Gayatri S

Dr Gayatri is a hardworking and a sincere person.

She shares that she chose to pursue an MD in Palliative Medicine because, “I’ve always wanted to work towards strengthening rural health services. To be honest, this is the collective dream of my father and me. The exposure I got while working in a rural environment during my under graduate days, made me realize that the rural population in our country do not access healthcare, unless they are in intolerable pain and distress. I then decided that there was no better field than the field of palliative medicine and supportive care, to alleviate the pain and distress of these patients. After joining KMCH, and by being under the guidance of Dr Naveen Salins, I am certain that I will not only be trained to excel in my field but will also be as competent as my colleagues in internal medicine.”

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