Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

The invincible squad of residents from Tata Memorial Hospital: Past and Present.

Post MD: The Bold and the Beautiful

Batch of 2012 – 2015

Dr Anuja Damani

Dr Arunangshu Ghoshal

Batch of 2013 – 2016

Dr Rahul Arora

Dr Shrenik Ostwal

Batch of 2014 – 2017

Dr Gauraiya Chinchalkar

Dr Pankaj Singhai

Batch of 2015 – 2018

Dr Krithika Shinde (Rao)

Dr Rucha Patil

Batch of 2016 – 2019

Dr Kunal Ranjan Vinayak

Dr Nilesh Valvi

Batch of 2017 – 2020

Dr Avinash Tiwari

Dr Pallavi Singh

Dr Rutula Sonawane

Dr Shamali Poojary

Batch of 2018 – 2021

Dr Jyothsna Kuriakose

Dr Prasun P

Dr Prarthna Jayaseelan

Pre MD: The Young Seekers

Batch of 2019 – Ongoing

Dr Prajakta Bhagat

Dr Sachin Gunde

Dr Shreya Nair

Batch of 2020 – Ongoing

Dr Anshita Sharma

Dr Dhanashri Kudal

Dr Kashish Vats

Batch of 2022 – Ongoing

Dr Ajila Ajithkumar

Dr Isha Shah

Dr Shruti Kamble

Dr Varun TM

With teamwork as their credo, each one of them is paving their way towards excellence. This young cavalcade is all geared up to pole-vault the future of Palliative Medicine in India with grit and grace.

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