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Last chance to register for the 24th Hospice New Zealand Palliative Care Conference at Christchurch, New Zealand, 7th – 9th November, 2022

Register for the in-person 24th Hospice New Zealand Palliative Care Conference, scheduled to be held at Christchurch, New Zealand between Monday, 7th November, 2022, and Wednesday 9th November, 2022.

Health care professionals working for hospice (doctors, nurses, members of the multidisciplinary team) as well as GP’s, district nurses, researchers, educators, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, counsellors, social workers, art therapists, and those working in aged residential care and primary care settings are welcome to register for the conference.

The conference organisers share that the concurrent sessions will present an impressive range of topics covering a variety of perspectives and interest areas. They go on share that the conference will provide something for every health care professional with an interest in palliative care.

International and local leaders in the field of palliative care will be sharing their knowledge over the three-day conference, focusing on innovative clinical developments, best practice, education and research.

Please visit the conference website for further information.

Register before 15th November, 2022, to participate in the 4th European Congress on Clinical Trials in Pain in Vienna, Austria, 7th – 8th December 2022

Grab your last chance and register before Tuesday, 15th November, 2022, for the 4th European Congress on Clinical Trials in Pain (SOPATE2022) to benefit from the Regular Registration Rates of the conference. The conference is scheduled to be held at Vienna, Austria, between Wednesday, 7th December, 2022, and Thursday, 8th December, 2022.

Prof. Ralf Baron and Prof. Elon Eisenberg, Congress Co-Chairs share, “The Congress aims to bring together researchers, clinicians, industry professionals and other related experts to explore ways of bettering ideas and practices in clinical trials on pain and address medical devices and other interventions in the treatment and management of chronic pain.”

They go on to share that a panel of global experts will deliver a wealth of knowledge at SOPATE2022.

Please click here for further details about the conference and please click here to register for the same.

Register for the EAPC’s World Congress at Rotterdam, Netherlands, 15th – 17th June, 2023

Register for the 18th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) scheduled to take place at Rotterdam, the Netherlands, between Thursday, 15th June, 2023 and Saturday, 17th June, 2023.  

The scientific committee of the in-person conference share that, a considerable part of the conference programme will be built on the submitted and that they are excited to host a physical conference after a gap of two years in which they organised three online congresses (one World Congress and two Research Congresses).

The congress is themed ‘Equity and Diversity in Palliative Care’ aims to draw attention to the utmost need and goal of creating equity of fair access, opportunity, and advancement in palliative care for all people in need of this care. The congress aims to also develop strategies aimed at reducing those inequities, and identify which challenges and policies could help to improve equity in palliative care.

Please visit the conference website for further details.

Abstract submissions open for the 15th Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Conference 2023, 4th – 7th October, 2023

Register and submit abstracts for the 15th Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Conference 2023, scheduled to be held at Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea, between Wednesday, 4th October, 2023, and Saturday, 7th October, 2023. The biennial conference is being hosted by the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network and the Korean Society of Hospice and Palliative Care. 

The in-person conference will be in English. The theme for the upcoming conference is ‘Expanding Horizons of Palliative Care in the New Era’ to reflect the readiness to share knowledges, expertise, tips, pandemic experiences, and delaying sympathy of loss in each and every session, post a long covid break which deterred organising in-person conferences.

It has been shared that the Scientific Committee aims to bring together an interesting plenary session, and exciting symposium and workshop sessions which aim to showcase the increasing reach of palliative care, in both the Asia Pacific region as well globally.

Please click here for further details about the conference.