The IAPC’s Election Results (2024)

The IAPC’s elections for the 2 positions for Central Council Members from the North Zone was held in-person during IAPCON 2024, at the Telemedicine room, Auditorium, Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, Ahmedabad, on Saturday, 10th February, 2024, between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. The elections were held under the supervision of Dr Sukdev Nayak (Chief Election officer, 2024) and Dr Arun Deka (Election Officer, 2024). The IAPC extends its gratitude to both our election officers. We would like to appreciate Dr Arun Deka for readily accepting (in short notice) our invitation for support in the absence of Dr Gayatri Palat who was unable to attend IAPCON due to sudden and unforeseen circumstances.

4 nominations (Dr. Ayush Garg, Dr. Deepa Kerketta Khurana, Dr. Nishkarsh Gupta and Dr. Sarita Singh) were received for the 2 positions for Central Council (CC) Members from the North Zone. During the IAPC’s Annual General Body Meeting the same evening, Dr Sukdev Naik announced that Dr Nishkarsh Gupta and Dr Sarita Singh were elected as the Central Council Members from the North Zone.

The nominations submitted for the post of President (2025 – 2028), the CC member for West Zone (2024 – 2026) and the 2 CC members for the South Zone (2024 – 2026) were uncontested.

The following are the results.

  • President (2025 – 2028): Dr Geeta Joshi (unopposed)
  • North Zone (2024 – 2026): Dr Nishkarsh Gupta and Dr Sarita Singh (elected)
  • South Zone (2024 – 2026): Dr Praneeth Suvvari and Dr Seema Rajesh Rao (unopposed)
  • West Zone (2024 – 2026): Dr Raghu Thota (unopposed)

No nominations were received from the North East Zone and the East Zone. Dr Jutika Kalita (Assam) and Dr Nandan Choudhary (Manipur) were proposed from the floor as potential candidates for the North East Zone during the IAPC’s AGBM. However, both nominations were invalid as they did not satisfy the eligibility criteria (minimum number of years to have been an IAPC member to become a CC member).

The IAPC’s General Body therefore authorised the IAPC’s CC body to complete the election process of identifying suitable candidates for the 2 positions each for the IAPC’s CC Members for the North East Zone and East Zone, during their upcoming CC meeting.

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