World Hospice and Palliative Care day is observed this year,2018, with the theme ‘Because I matter’ .This theme has been choosen following an open consultation with people directly affected by serious illness, WHPCA members , supporters, global and hospice palliative care advocates.

The theme centers on the lived experiences of people affected by serious illness, the most aspect that matters and the often overlooked financial impact of palliative care needs on individuals and households. It also contains elements of human rights and justice asking “If  matter then why am I not getting the care I need”.

This year is the centenary of Dame Cicely Saunders founder of the modern hospice movement. The theme fittingly draws its wording from her iconic quote ‘You matter because you are you and you matter until the end of your life.’

The key action of this year’s World Hospice and Palliative Care Day campaign is a callout to the government to listen to people who need or access palliative care.

Palliative care should be available to anyone with an incurable disease or chronic illness, regardless of age, race ,disease, gender or place. But sadly, this type of treatment is not available to a large portion of population in many parts of the world, specially with low income ,still lack of delivery system of palliative care, they do not have access to the medications needed for palliative care and to treat the pain.

As always, the aim is to:

  • Increase the availability of hospices and palliative care throughout the world by creating opportunities to speak out about the issues.
  • To raise awareness and understanding of the needs of people living within a life limiting- illness and their families.
  • To raise funds to support and develop hospice and palliative care services throughout the world.

This specialized form of medical care approaches with the goal to provide relief from symptoms and stress related to the illness as well as the procedures and the treatment that the patient has to follow. This is the importance of the initiative taken on this day.


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