WHPCD celebrations: 2021

Glimpses into the WHPCD celebrations by palliative care centers from across the country

It is both gratifying and encouraging to note that palliative care providers from across the country celebrated this year’s World Hospice and Palliative Care Day (WHPCD) with such grandeur.

While we are certain that every palliative care provider celebrated WHPCD at their center, we extend our thanks to the 23 centers who responded to our call to showcase their celebrations to the world.

It was impressive and reassuring to know that palliative care in India is growing with the right momentum and in the right direction. The active engagement of various groups of key stakeholders such as the media, the management at various centers and inter departmental support towards the celebrations are testimonies to the increasing recognition and acceptance of palliative care services within the community.

We present to you below, the unique and innovative WHPCD celebrations by our friends and colleagues from across the country.

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