Awards and Recognitions

Drs. Gopichandran, Manjeet Singh Chalga and Rakesh Garg, bestowed with the National e-governance Silver Award 2020-21

It is with pride we share that the National e-governance Silver Award 2020-21, under Category ‘Outstanding Research on Citizen Centric Services in Academic / Research Institutions’ was awarded to the ICMR funded project titled ‘A randomised controlled trial to compare the efficacy of mobile app vs conventional prescription of analgesics and adjuvants on adherence and selected variables among cancer patients receiving palliative care at a tertiary care centre’ during 24th National Conference at Hyderabad on Friday, 7th January, 2022. The prestigious award was presented by Dr Jitender Singh, Union Minister of the State, Government of India.

Dr. L. Gopichandran (PI) and Dr. Rakesh Garg (Co PI), from AIIMS, New Delhi, and Dr. Manjeet Singh Chalga (Co PI, ICMR), received the award on behalf of the whole research team for the mentioned project of AIIMS and ICMR. The project was done at the Department of Onco-Anaesthesia and Palliative Medicine, Dr BRAIRCH, AIIMS, New Delhi.

The mobile application enabled patients to improve the medication adherence by utilizing the app features such as reminder alarms, drug information, symptoms scoring, etc. This also helped the palliative care physicians to follow up and track patient status including pain, constipation, nausea, vomiting, etc and thus improving the overall quality of life of the patient.

Congratulations to the whole team!

The Department of Onco-Anaesthesia and Palliative Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi, recognized as a WHOCC for Training and Education in Palliative Care!

The Department of Onco-Anaesthesia and Palliative Medicine at the Dr B R Ambedkar Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, has been designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre (WHOCC) for Training and Education in Palliative Care (WHO CC IND-163), for a period of 4 years (till December 2025) from 17th December, 2021.

Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar, Head of the Department, Department of Onco-Anesthesia and Palliative Medicine, will function as the Head of the Centre for this purpose. 

The unit is actively involved in the Training, Education, and Research in Palliative Care in India. The center was also only the second center in the country to begin offering  MD in Palliative Medicine.

The center is only the third centre from India to achieve this recognition in the field of palliative care, after The Institute of Palliative Medicine (IPM), Kozhikode, which is a WHOCC for Community Participation in Palliative Care and Long Term Care, and the Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS), Thiruvananthapuram, which is a WHOCC for Training and Policy on Access to Pain Relief.

Congratulations to Dr Sushma Bhatnagar and her team for this achievement!

ITM Hospital and Research Center, Gwalior, inaugurates Palliative Care service provision

It gives us immense joy to report that the ITM Hospital and Research Center, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, inaugurated their palliative care service provision from Monday, 17th January, 2022. 

The newly opened center, led by Dr Gurucharan Singh and Dr Rekha Chavan will offer Home care services, Outpatient services and also a 27 bedded Inpatient facility.

Dr J P Gupta, Neurosurgeon, ITM Hospital and Research Center, inaugurated the center officially, while Shri Prahlad Bhai, Brahmakumari, and Shri Ruchir Neralkar, Shivyog Spiritual Centre, graced the inauguration.

On this occasion, Dr Guru Charan Singh, Anaesthetist and Palliative Care Physician, ITM Hospital and Research Center, shared that this project was born to propel the hospital’s intention to meet the holistic needs and ease the suffering of terminally ill patients. Dr Rekha Chavan, Palliative Care physician, ITM Hospital and Research Center, mentioned that the palliative care team would liaison with the ITM Group’s Nursing and Physiotherapy college to collaborate, train and offer services jointly. Dr Prashant Agarwal, Director, ITM Hospital and Research Center, Gwalior, went on to add that the center would also provide financial support to these patients’ by sponsoring their local bus conveyance on three pre-specified routes. 

Please dial 9090 1919 63 / 64 for further information.

RMD Specialities Hospitals launches community mobile clinic for palliative care services!

RMD Specialities Hospitals (Unit of RMD Pain and Palliative Care Trust) Chennai, Sriperambudur, Kancheepuram, launched their Community mobile clinic in palliative care service on Wednesday, 26th January, 2022, in commemoration of India’s Republic Day. This is in addition to RMD Specialities Hospitals’ current service delivery in 40 villages in and around Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram districts.

The newly constituted home-care team will include Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapist etc. to render palliative care services to patients from 40 villages around the institution, with plans to gradually expand coverage to include more villages. The community mobile clinic will also help transport patients to centers offering higher levels of care, if need be. The Community based mobile palliative care services will also include outreach and custom campaigns for the community, while being mindful of all safety protocols in the context of Covid Pandemic.

The van for the community mobile clinic has been sponsored by Tata Blue Scope Steel and this project will aim to redefine care within local communities.

Congratulations team RMD Specialities Hospitals! Keep rising to greater heights!