Awards and Recognitions

Congratulations Pallium India for a brilliant 18 year journey in Palliative care!

Pallium India celebrated their 18th Anniversary on Wednesday, December 15th, 2021, via Zoom which was also live streamed on Facebook. Pallium India’s friends from across the globe participated in the festivities.

On this momentous occasion, Dr. M R Rajagopal, Chairman, Pallium India shared that “there were a lot of people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help us attain our national objective. The task was just too huge and we had to build bridges and rope in collaborators to reach where we stand today”. He went on to remind everyone that the only thing one needed to fear was fear itself, and cautioned one against forgetting the suffering patients in the rush to achieve rapid growth.

The celebrations were inaugurated by Mr Shankar Mahadevan (Musician / Singer) while Dr K S Chithra (Singer) inaugurated their cultural forum, ‘Karunanjali’. The Anthem of Pallium India was also launched at the event. Click here to read the full report of the celebrations.

Hearty Congratulations, Pallium India! We wish you many more to come!

Congratulations Golden Butterflies, for a sparkling 3 year journey in Paediatric Palliative Care

Golden Butterflies Children’s Palliative Care Foundation (GB) celebrated their 3rd anniversary of service on Sunday, November 14th, 2021, at Welcom Hotel, Chennai. To commemorate this milestone, GB launched “GB’s Fun with Art – a Handbook of Art, Craft, & Recreational Activities” meant for professional and informal caregivers of child-patients, commissioned by the Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation. GB also used this opportunity to felicitate six volunteers (WINGS) and interns with “Golden Awards” for their exceptional contributions to the organization since inception. Click here to read the complete report.

Proud of you Golden Butterflies for achieving this milestone!

Soul Palliative Care, Chennai, felicitated by Chennai Salutes Edition 1!

We are elated to share that Soul Palliative Care from Chennai was felicitated on Thursday, 23rd, December, 2021, by Chennai Salutes Edition-1. The award was a testimony and an acknowledgment to Soul Palliative Care’s unwavering commitment to patients and their families who are in need of palliative care in Tamil Nadu.

The award recognizes the contributions of unsung heroes who have aided people in various ways.

Mrs Preetha Mahesh, Founder-Trustee, Soul Palliative Care, Chennai, received the award from Dr. J Radhakrishnan (IAS), Tamil Nadu’s Honourable Health Secretary, and Mr. Devendra Saha and Mr Saravanan from team Chennai Salutes.

On the occasion Mrs Preetha shared, “We decided to share our joy with the members of the IAPC who consistently support us. This is a recognition for all of us in the same boat. We have been able to support hundreds of patients, conduct nurse trainings, and advocate for palliative care in the State over the last four years, and we have received a few awards; but this one was especially significant to us because the event recognised many organisations and individuals working in various domains, and ours was palliative care”.

Congratulations, Soul Palliative Care for your selfless service!