End of Life Nursing Education Consortium joined hands with AIIMS to teach the nurses under the guidance of Prof. Sushma Bhatnager HOD Anaesthesia, Pain and Palliative Medicine AIIMS New Delhi in collaboration with Cipla palliative care and training centre.



Goal for the programme was to educate the nurses in large number for end of life patient care as nurses are the back bone for any health care setup. Prof. Sushma Bhatnager  was instrumental for sending 4 nurses for the train the trainer diploma (Sr. Nileema, Sr. Judachingi, Sr. Pooja & Sr. Neelam R. Lall were first 4 trainers of ELNEC from AIIMS). Sister Hanife took the charge and along with Sister Nillema Sharad Shingade SNO AIIMS New Delhi, started working towards the goal.



First milestone was laid down at AIIMS New Delhi itself and first core training was done at Delhi AIIMS with 39 active participants. Programme was inaugurated with the esteemed Prof. Randeep Guleria Director AIIMS with Prof. Sushma, CNO Mrs. Chandelia and DNS Mrs. Baby Rani Debnath.



AIIMS Raipur was the first among all other  AIIMS to take the lead and come forward and recognized the need for nursing education. 3 days core training was inaugurated with the enthusiasm by Prof. Nagarkar  Director AIIMS Raipur, Prof. Neema HOD Anaesthesa, Dr. Samarjit Asst. Prof. Sr. Hanife and Prof. Sushma Bhatnager (throu gh teleconferencing) Total 39 candidates benefited with the course.



AIIMS Jodhpur showed equal enthusiasm and 41 participants joined for the core training Dr. Arvind Sinha Medical Superintendent, Dr. Pradeep Bhatia prof. & Head Anaesthesia, Sister Hanife ELNEC India, Dr. Manoj Kamal Add. Prof. Along with Prof. Sushama Bhatnager (Via Telelconferencing) was present for the inauguration.



The entire candidate showed a great interest in learning and helping the patient and their families through learned skills. The contents of programme includes 9 modules like communication, symptom management, ethical issues, paediatric palliative care etc. which was taught by Sister Hanife and Sister Nileema with role plays, case studies, case scenarios, care plans, and videos.



AIIMS Delhi – 15, AIIMS Raipur – 15 and AIIMS Jodhpur – 23 candidates gave their names for the train the trainers certification. We are in process of taking their class demonstration before awarding them with the trainers’ certificates.


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