An initiative to make palliative care more accessible

By National Cancer Grid with the Support of Indian Association of Palliative Care

A tool to assess Serious Health Related Suffering (SHS) is being developed as a preliminary screening tool to use in Health Care Settings in India where serious health related suffering is highly prevalent and often invisible. SHS causes patients to drop-out of treatment and needless distress, when the system fails to detect and address the suffering. The objective of this tool is to identify health related suffering and help patient access appropriate care.

  • Identify patients who can benefit from Palliative Care
  • To provide an objective base for referrals to appropriate care
  • Can be used in any Health Care Setting outside of Palliative Care

Here you can find three versions of the tool, formulated in the initial round. Do vote for the most appropriate version. The version which gets more than half of the votes will undergo field testing before implementation.

Please follow this link to read the three versions and cast your vote, the whole process will take less than 2 minutes:

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