International Nurses Day: Celebrating our Palliative Care Nurses

Ms. Geetha Rani, Mr. Lakshmi Narayan & Ms. Vindhya K.

(in alphabetical order)

Aster CMI Hospital, Bengaluru

Mr Lakshmi Narayan, Ms Geetha Rani & Ms Vindhya K

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Our dynamic Palliative Nursing team comprises of Ms Geetha Rani, the lead Pallaitive Care Nurse specialist; Mr Lakshmi Narayan, the palliative nurse brother; and Ms Vindhya K, the palliative team coordinator.

The three of them work passionately together to create a lifeline for their patients’ and their families, and also for their colleagues throughout the continuum of care. They are the only Palliative Nursing team in Bengaluru to run 5 Specialty Nursing Clinics and who provide both,  non-oncological and oncological palliative nursing.

Ms Rani, Mr Lakshmi Narayan and Ms Vindhya educate and integrate palliative care into the daily practice of staff at Aster CMI Hospital and to the extended home care team. They take out-of-hour calls, co-ordinate hospital visits / admissions, ensure the availability and safe administration of anticipatory medication, formulate protocols and conduct debrief sessions.

This team of exemplary heroes is changing the face and understanding of Palliative Nursing at Aster CMI Hospital, Bengaluru.

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