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Last chance to register for the IAPC’s upcoming CCEPC batch of January 2022

The next batch of the IAPC’s much sought after course, the Certificate Course in Essentials of Palliative Care (CCEPC) is scheduled to be held virtually as half day sessions on 8th, 9th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th January, 2022. The half day sessions will begin from 1 p.m. on Saturdays’ and 8 a.m. on Sundays’.

The course aims to inculcate the principles of palliative care in every day practice for doctors and nurses and improve patient care through proper communication and effective management of difficult symptoms.

Please visit the IAPC’s CCEPC page for further details about the course and to download the course brochure and the application form. 

Don’t forget to register before Tuesday, 4th January, 2022, to secure your seat in the course.

IAPC Academy launches a Certificate Course in Palliative Care Pharmacy

The IAPC Academy is happy to launch a new course ‘Certificate Course in Palliative Care Pharmacy’ on Sunday, 27th February, 2022. The course aims to provide a basic understanding of drugs used in the management of pain and other common symptoms, appropriate documentation of drugs prescribed and used by patients’ and provide for a comprehensive knowledge of the process of licensing and legalities for procuring narcotic drugs. 

The course will be offered in 2 parts. A 4 hour mandatory virtual theory class (Part A) and an optional hands-on 2.5 hour in-person session (Part B) at one the IAPC authorised course centers for this program. 

Participants with a Diploma / Degree in Pharmacy, MBBS / BDS Degree in medicine or with a GNM / BSc Nursing Degree are eligible for the course. The course fee for Part A is Rs. 1,000/-. 

Further details will be updated on the IAPC website shortly.

Successful completion of ELNEC course at Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, Hyderabad

The End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC), trained 81 Nurses, 12 Social Workers and 11 Nursing students in the basics of palliative care which included several role plays on communication. The 3 day training (7th – 9th December, 2021) was conducted jointly by ELNEC, AIIMS New Delhi, and Cipla Palliative Care and Training Center.

The training was led by Sr Hanife (the well renowned Oncology-Palliative Care Nurse Specialist), Dr Praneeth Suvvari (Consultant, Onco-anaesthesia, Pain and Palliative Medicine, Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Hyderabad), Dr Shyam Prasad Srinivas Mantha (Consultant, Onco- anaesthesia, Pain and Palliative Medicine, Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Hyderabad) and Dr Basanth Kumar Rayani, (HoD, Onco-anaesthesia, Pain and Palliative Medicine, Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Hyderabad). Other eminent national faculties included Ms Nileema Sharad Shingade (AIIMS, New Delhi), Mr Sudip Rudra Paul (Cipla Palliative Care, Pune) Mr Arvind Kumar (AIIMS, Jodhpur) and Ms Mamta Parihar (S.N. Medical College, Jodhpur).

The training aimed to empower nurses to improve the End of life care for patients in critical care settings and equip them with mechanisms to enhance the experiences of family members who witness the dying process of their loved ones. The training also highlighted a nurse’s vital role in interdisciplinary teams.

The interactive session concluded with distributing certificates to participants and by felicitating the faculty. Course participants expressed their appreciation when they described the course to be excellent!

An ‘Algorithmic approach’ to several aspects of Palliative care is now available

Several institution based Palliative Care teams from across India collaboratively prepared the ‘Algorithmic approach’ to several aspects of Palliative care, including symptom management. These were prepared to support the National Health Authority to develop the Ayushman Bharat Package for Palliative Care services for deserving patients.

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Update from IAPC ACADEMY

Report on activities in December

The palliative care fraternity’s hunger for knowledge is continuing to be satiated despite the harsh winters or the scorching summers. Practitioners of palliative care continued to participate enthusiastically in the IAPC’s weekly Academy webinars, held every Monday between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.

The first session from the December series was an excellent presentation on Paediatric Neurological Conditions needing Palliative Care’, delivered by Dr Rutula Sonawane. Dr Manisha went on to deliver a fantastic presentation on ‘Multiple Sclerosis’, which was the last session of Section B (Palliative Medicine in Neurology– Review of Evidence) from Series 3. Next, Dr Kunal Ranjan Vinayak’s interesting session on ‘Palliative Care in Heart Failure including Needs Assessment and Advance Care Planning’, was the first session to be delivered from Section C (Palliative Medicine in Cardiology – Review of Evidence) of the Lecture Series 3. Dr Avinash Tiwari’s comprehensive and informative session onRationalisation of pharmacological management in Advanced and End Stage Cardiac Conditions including withholding/withdrawing various cardiac devices was the last session to be delivered in the December series.

The palliative care community’s knowledge was further enriched by engaging and learning from all the  faculties. We sincerely thank all our faculty for sharing their time and expertise with us during these lectures.

Please click here to access recordings of their sessions.

Sessions planned for January

Join us in the new year as we present to you an interesting line up of sessions scheduled for January 2022.