IAPC Election and Virtual AGBM Postponed

It has been decided to cancel the online election process to elect IAPC office bearers as per the suggestion given by the expert committee. The decision was taken in the central committee meeting of Indian Associaiton of Palliative Care, held on Thursday, 25th February, 2021. All CC members supported the decision to cancel online election considering the difficulty to conduct the virtual election process. It was also decided to postpone the Annual General Body meeting of IAPC to July 2021.

In the CC meeting Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar updated the CC members regarding the discussions held till date with regard to the feasibility and the technicalities of conducting an online election. She informed the CC that an expert committee was constituted to look into the matter. The committee comprised of Dr. Nagesh Simha (Chairman), Dr. Geeta Joshi, Dr. Naveen Salins, Dr. Anil Paleri, Dr. Sukdev Nayak, Dr. Piyush Gupta and Dr. Yashavant Joshi.

She expressed gratitude to the members for their hard work and presented the recommendations of the committee. The recommendations are:

a) It is possible to have a virtual AGBM
b) Every IAPC member must have the right to vote, if elections are held.
c) CC to consider postponing the AGBM and the elections, as its conduct is an arduous task
d) As IAPC is primarily an academic body, better to avoid legal issues that may occur if the elections are conducted online
e) It was decided to keep the Charity Commissioner and the Income Tax Officer posted of the Central Council’s decision.

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