Here,  Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan of Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care Trust Shares her experience of organizing online sessions for CCEPC.  Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care Trust is the first course centre which organized CCEPC online in June 2020.

“Dear friends,

I was literally emotionally overwhelmed, with joy, pride and a sense of achievement, when we completed the first ever ONLINE  contact sessions we had ever conducted, for the CEPCC (for 3 days) on July 5, 2020. I thought that the COVID situation would improve by the end of June, but in vain! The candidates had not only paid but were quite enthusiastic to do the course. Then, related to a few incidents of the Covid pandemic,   our own hospital staff and even our family members were in isolation for a while.

I almost gave up, but with encouragement from our team and family members, I decided to go ahead. Five out of the seven candidates are from out of Chennai, with no question of coming to Chennai. With faith in self and God, I planned with the tremendous help of our secretary, Ms. Durgeswari. Other faculty readily accepted to participate and I am grateful to them.

The whole programme went off very well. The candidates were very attentive. Online seemed to have its advantages – Being at home, I think they were more relaxed, back on time after breaks and our communication skills role plays went off better than I expected! Also, as it is online, we get faculty from anywhere in the country to participate without cost constraint!

Besides the excellent teaching from all faculty, Mrs. Vijaylakshmi’s teaching style, who did the Spirituality workshop, moved everyone!

I wish to thank the IAPC for their encouragement and readily accepting our request to go ahead with the online programme.”

– Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan, Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care Trust, Chennai.

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