Alpha Palliative Care Teams in all 17 Centres were asked to use the occasion to conduct programmes to enhance awareness about palliative care and end of life care, involving students of their respective geographic area. Most of the centres conducted Walkathons.



Thrissur Hospice conducted a fund-raising programme on the previous night (12th October). One Link Centre (Kodungallur) was gifted with 10 cents of land in a function by a family impressed with the services rendered.



Here is the caption to be given for each photograph in sequence:

  1. Edamuttam: Receiving donations from programme officer, N.S.S, Government Higher Secondary School, Kattur, Thrissur by Dr. Ravi, Mr. Sanoop and Sr. Baby of Edamuttam Hospice.
  2. Team ‘Oasis’ and N.S.S.
  3. Awareness class conducted by Kodungallur Link Center.
  4. Rally on 13th Oct’18,conducted by Mala Link center with support of St. Threseas College, kittakki, Mala.
  5. ‘Chain of love for patients in Pain’ by Alpha Vellangallur Center with students from various educational institutions and Volunteers at Govt.High school,Karupadanna, Thrissur.
  6. Motivaion classes conducted by Alpha Kochi center.




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