There Are Some

Mr. Harshvardhan Ghanshyam More, Kohlapur

There are some, whose steady hands made,
Take the incision with 15 no. blade

There are some, who look for many causes,
To calculate, the confusing chemo doses

There are some, with caution and precaution,
To decide, the fraction and dose of radiation

There are some, with head in beams and cones,
To look deep inside organs and bones

There are some, with feeling of no loss & gain,
Treat the patient with sympathy for palliative and pain

There are some, with a nebulizer and glove pair,
Live day and night for patient’s critical care

There are some, who care for stoma & comma,
Then there are those who cure any lymphoma

There are some, who offer their services all across the Asia,
Then there are some who look after critical anesthesia

There are some, who in small OPD or bed,
Look for any signs of malignancy in mouth or over head

There are some, whose eyes are glued to microscope,
For their one remark is a patient’s biggest hope

There are some, who work as husband and wife,
Are they magicians? Who turn death into life?

For all I mentioned above, a patient is not merely a sample,
For this is their home and this is their temple

Patients come here and go to home
Like bees to flower nectar
Thank you O lord almighty…
You have given us white angles
To whom we call the “Doctors”

About the Author: Mr Harshvardhan Ghanshyam More is a Junior Counsellor at the Department of Surgical Oncology, Kolhapur Cancer Centre, Kolhapur.

Apart from counseling, his hobbies include playing chess, aviation photography, studying historic wars and amateur astronomy.

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