International Nurses Day: Celebrating our Palliative Care Nurses

Ms. Govindi Chauhan, Ms. Judachinghi & Ms. Nileema Sharad Shingade

(in alphabetical order)

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi

Ms Govindi Chauhan

Ms Govindi Chauhan, DNS, was the first palliative care nurse of IRCH AIIMS, New Delhi and was instrumental in starting the PCU ward in 2007 under the supervision of Dr Sushma Bhatnagar. Ms Chauhan has done her palliative care specialization from Oxford UK and has also completed her IAPC course and ELNEC Train-the-trainer program. Ms Chauhan is a national faculty for the CTC Project, the ELNEC CTC and the IAPC and is also involved in research activities. Additionally, she also volunteers with DNip home care team and Cansupport and Cankids for their volunteer training home care and home visits and clinics.

Ms Chauhan is one of the best nurses of the Department due to her extraordinary commitment and tender loving care towards her patients’. She has a caring heart and a skilled hand.

Ms Nileema Sharad Shingade

Ms Nileema Sharad Shingade, is the Senior Nursing Officer and the medical oncology incharge with a keen interest in palliative care. She completed the ‘Certificate Course in Essentials of Palliative Care’ offered by the IAPC and then also went on to participate in the first cohort of the CTC project. Ms Shingade then completed her ELNEC Train-the-Trainer program and is now both a national and an international faculty for ELNEC and CTC 3 and 4. Ms Shingade has presented posters at the APHN conference in Singapore and at IAPCON Jaipur. Ms Shingade also won the best nurse award in 2014. She also volunteers for DNip home care team, Cansupport and Cankids for volunteer training home care and home visits and clinics.

Ms Shingade is sincere, punctual and has an excellent rapport with her fellow colleagues.

Ms Judachinghi

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Ms Judachinghi is the Nursing Officer at the department and is one of the best caregivers for her palliative care patients. Ms Judachinghi completed her ELNEC Train-the-Trainer course and is a Faculty for ELNEC AIIMS Delhi Training and NCI Jhajjar. Ms Judachinghi possesses good skills and accurately understands the needs of her patients’ and tries her best to help and support them.

Ms Judachinghi’s commitment towards her patients’ is exemplary.

The team at AIIMS, New Delhi, is very proud to have these three superhero nurses as a part of their team.

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