International Nurses Day: Celebrating our Palliative Care Nurses

Ms. Usha Rani Mohanty

Kosish – the Hospice, Bokaro

Ms Usha Rani Mohanty

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Ms Usha Rani Mohanty is a Nurse working with Kosish – the Hospice, in rural Jharkhand since 2005.

Ms Mohanty works pro bono providing palliative nursing services for the rural elderly and terminally ill in geographically challenging situations and resource poor settings by focusing on using resources that are locally available, accessible, affordable and acceptable in the society.

She is a teaching faculty at Kosish, providing training to doctors, nurses and volunteers and has played a key role in pioneering the palliative care movement in Jharkhand and the adjoining West Bengal.

Ms Mohanty has also spearheaded a novel initiative to train rural women as ‘Palliative and Geriatric aides’. This initiative has empowered these rural women with technical skills and in also making them financially independent.

She also plays an active role in organizing home based care in rural settings which often necessitates travelling long distances through inhospitable terrains to ensure that care is provided to the needy.

Ms Mohanty has also been the co-author of scientific articles published in the Indian Journal of Palliative Care (IJPC), and has also played the role of a past Treasurer of the IAPC.

Ms Mohanty is a shining example of how a Nurse working in a rural setting can bring about a substantial improvement in the Quality of Life (QoL) of the rural elderly and terminally ill, while also empowering several rural women.

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