International Nurses Day: Celebrating our Palliative Care Nurses

Ms. Amulya, Ms. Blessy Prabhudas, Ms. Danam Ratna Kumari, Ms. M Gangi,
Ms. A. Jyothi, Ms. Pillipogu Amulya, Mr. Rajesh, Ms. Ramya Grace & Ms. Ratna

(in alphabetical order)

Basavatarkam Indo American Cancer Hospital (BIACH), Hyderabad

Superhero Nurses of Basavatarkam Indo American Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad

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Ms Blessy Prabhudas is the ‘Powerpuff girl’ of the BIACH’s Palliative Care OPD. Her passion towards palliative care drew her into the palliative care ward from her ICU posting. Ms Prabhudas is always ready to lend a ear to her patients’ and their caregivers, to fully understand their needs post a doctor’s consultation. She also guides her patients’ and their caregivers regarding the prescribed medications and patiently explains the treatment process in the outpatient setup.

Ms Amulya, Ms Danam Ratna Kumari, Ms M Gangi, Ms A Jyothi, Ms Pillipogu Amulya, Mr Rajesh, Ms Ramya Grace and Ms Ratna are the other dedicated palliative care nurses who render quality care to their In-patients.  These nurses are available 24*7 for their patients to address every single patient query.

The Superhero nurses at BIACH are trained to handle narcotic dilutions, to set up patient controlled analgesia pumps, to maintain double lockers and the necessary registries, and handovers for narcotic, thereby making BIACH to be one of the highest narcotic procuring centers in the country.

‘Often forgotten, often unrewarded
but still ready to take the patient’s burden,
Someone who understands not just the disease
but to also empathize and understand their needs.

We realize that caring for one in their final days is an absolute honor,
and dedicating time for counseling patients’ and their families is our daily order.

We support the patients throughout their battle,
While symptoms progress from pain to death rattle!!

The newly born smile on our suffering patient’s face makes us proud,
to say that we are palliative care nurses’. So, let’s shout out loud!!!’

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