International Nurses Day: Celebrating our Palliative Care Nurses

Mr. Swaroop Kumar Baral

Bagchi Karunashraya Palliative Care Center, Bhubaneshwar

Mr Swaroop Kumar Baral

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Mr Swaroop Kumar Baral is a palliative care nurse at the Bagchi Karunashraya Palliative Care Center at Bhubaneswar, Odisha, the only stand alone palliative care center in Odisha.

Mr Baral along with his colleagues go door-to-door everyday to provide palliative care services for cancer patients at their end-of-life.

Though initially Mr Baral found it challenging to work in the community, his kind hearted nature kept him motivated to continue providing reassurance to his patients. Mr Baral and his team have been able to conduct over 700 home visits in the past 6 months.

Mr Baral is gentle with his patients, always sits beside them, holds their hands, and conducts regular post-visit follow ups. He along with his team are dedicated, and provide 24*7 care. They also focus on generating awareness about cancer and palliative care among the caregivers of his patients’ and within the community at large.

Additionally, Mr Baral and his colleagues also extend the required financial, social and psychological support to their patients. They also provide free nursing services (dressing, catheterization, NG tube insertion, feeding, follow up care), offer nutritional support, help improve access to medication, help arrange for physical consultation, help with rehabilitation and connect families with NGO’s as needed.

Mr Baral is very eager to learn, and develop his skills and knowledge, so that he can deliver quality palliative care for his patients’.

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