International Nurses Day: Celebrating our Palliative Care Nurses

Ms. Mary Catharine, Ms. Pooja Gowri S., Ms. Radha K., Ms. Sangeetha R.
Ms. Sowmya & Ms. Umavathi B. A.

(in alphabetical order)

Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM), Mysuru

Ms Pooja Gowri S, Ms Radha K, Ms Mary Catharine, Ms Sowmya, Ms Sangeetha R & Ms Umavathi B A

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‘Nurses help people at their most vulnerable time.’

SVYM’s palliative care team is rich with six nurses, Ms Mary Catharine, Ms Pooja Gowri S, Ms Radha K, Ms Sangeetha R, Ms Sowmya, and Ms Umavathi B A, who have been involved in delivering home based and institution based care of palliative care patients in and around Mysuru.

Their empathetic nature makes their patients feel comfortable and enhances the overall quality of life of both their patients and their families.

Despite being witness to the unfair realities of life within the community on an everyday basis, yet, they continue to work with passion, with the motto of ‘Serving God in Man’.

The SVYM team wishes to salute their Super Hero Nursing team for their dedication, bravery, and compassion in alleviating pain and bringing smiles to the faces of their patients’ and their families!

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