After an outstanding tenure of over seven years as Associate Editor and Editor, Prof Naveen Salins passes the baton to Dr. Raghavendra Ramanjulu. IAPC expresses its gratitude to Dr. Salins for his leadership, that saw IJPC grow in stature.

Dr. Ramanjulu is a palliative care physician with special interest in interventional pain relief. He is based in Bengaluru.

Eminent persons will be Section Associate Editors. With their support, IJPC will become more relevant to the palliative care community, both in India and the world.

IJPC has also migrated to a new web platform and a new publisher, Scholar One. Please click here to access the portal.

Please click here to meet the Members of the New Editorial Board.

Our best wishes to the New Editorial team.

Along with this delightful announcement, we wish to also acknowledge the founders of the journal and its former editors, Dr. Mrs. Shah, Dr. Prabha Chandra, Dr. Reena George, Dr. Jacob Alexander and Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar, for their contributions towards developing and improving the quality of the journal.

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