Care India Medical Society (CIMS)

This is a public charitable trust working in the field of cancer palliative care for the poor and underprivileged sections of the community in Pune. The organization provides free services through its home-care program SATSEVA and a 15 bed in patient facility VISHRANTI which complements the home care services. CIMS also provides free chemotherapy to poor women with specific cancers.

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Care India Medical Society, Pune (CIMS Pune) was established in February 1993 as a public charitable trust working in the field of cancer management at Pune. All the services to the poor and needy cancer patients are provided free of cost through the following projects: –

In 1994, the organization made its foray into cancer terminal care by starting India’s first home care program SATSEVA. Patients with advanced cancer are provided pain and symptom management free of cost right at the patient’s doorstep. Doctors, nurses and social workers have been visiting the patients at home and providing care and comfort to needy cancer patients to alleviate pain and human suffering. The line of treatment for palliative care is provided in accordance with the World Health Organisation guidelines.

The institution MATRUSEVA was conceptualized in 1998 to carry out screening activities through a health maintenance program for women by setting up a clinic in Bhawani Peth and Yerawada areas of Pune city for detecting cancers specific to women in early stages. The Health Maintenance Program involves providing free treatment for common health disorders in target population and cancer early detection. Women who are diagnosed with early stages of cancers are provided with free therapeutic services.

During the year 2007 a fifteen bed hospital VISHRANTI has been set up to provide 24×7 hospital care free of cost. This arose out of a need to provide inpatient care to get difficult symptoms under control to patients under Home Care and provide respite care to those families who need a break from the burden involved in looking after their patient suffering from advanced cancer at home. All services such as admission, medicines, nursing and supportive care, investigations and diet in addition to complete care are provided totally free of cost. This hospital is uniquely complementing the Home Care Programs.

Care India Medical Society has made its foray into therapeutic services in February 2013 and is providing free chemotherapy to women with specific cancers, namely Ca Breast, Ca Cervix, Ovarian Cancer and some cases of Head & Neck cancers to start with. Cases requiring surgery are benefitted with the support of Command (Military) Hospital and AFMC and adequate liaison is maintained to coordinate this effort so that surgeries are conducted free of cost. Radiation therapy is outsourced for poor patients who are referred by our organization are given a 50% concession at some hospitals; this cost is borne by CIMS.


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