Results of the June 2014 IAPC Certificate Course in Essentials of Palliative Care are announced.

Congratulations to all successful candidates! Please collect your certificates and mark lists from your centre after September 20, 2014. Ready to move on to your 10-day hands-on training? As you may know, successful completion of this 10-day training at any recognised palliative care centre is the IAPC-recommended qualification for doctors to apply for the licence to stock and dispense oral morphine. You must complete this hands-on training and collect your certificate within one year of clearing the theory examination.

Those who have not secured pass marks in the combined theory and spotting examination will get one more chance to appear for the examination without additional fee. Those who have failed to secure pass marks in case reflection have to re-submit the reflection before December 30, 2014. The result will be published along with that of the November 2014 Batch.

In case you have a query, please write to

Please note that the “M” prefix in the following list indicates the candidate is from Malabar Cancer Centre, Thalassery. The “B” prefix indicates the candidate is from Bangalore Institute of Oncology.

Registration numbers of successful candidates

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