SANMAN is a registered Society, an organisation of volunteers in Bangalore to promote and help in Palliative Care. Training of volunteers in palliative care has been an emphasis right from its inception in 2014. The trained volunteers help in institutions which provide a palliative care service. More details on SANMAN are available at

IAPC has laid great importance on training of volunteers and recommends a WHO 16 hours training curriculum. It has also decided to give an IAPC certificate on completion of the 16 hours training.

Over the past few years SANMAN has conducted one-hour awareness programmes for palliative care in various places. Over the past few months two four hours ‘knowledge and skill building’ training in palliative care were conducted at the Bangalore Baptist Hospital, and the Koramangala Methodist Church. After this a 12-hours ‘further skill building and equipping’ training was conducted at KIDWAI Institute of Oncology.



50 volunteers completed the 16 hours training and were given a national level certificate by IAPC during the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day Celebration at KIDWAI Institute of Oncology on 13th October 2018. These trained volunteers are now being assigned to Institutions providing a palliative care service.

SANMAN will continue to do such training of volunteers in future also to provide effective palliative care service.

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